Ask any MD, CEO, GM or Executive Manager how important their "people" are and they will all say that they are the most important asset they have.

Why is it then that most organisations fail to give their managers and supervisors the tools they require to effectively manage their direct reports?

It is a proven fact that managers who have heightened "people management" skills, deliver far greater team productivity than those managers who don't. How then can organisations, of any type or size, increase the "people management" skills of their entire management team to deliver higher productivity?

The answer is by being able to provide managers/supervisors with Management/Coaching Reports for each of their team members based on the requirements of their respective roles.

These reports provide a wealth of job related information such as the:

* Degree of JobFit for all roles, including sales and customer service Individual's strengths and development areas
* Areas of potential concern for an employee in their particular role
* In-depth report on the Total Person Coaching Suggestions
* Career/Succession Planning Reports

The Coaching Suggestions provided in these reports will allow any manager to more effectively manage their direct reports and will improve their "people management" skills immediately. The ability to dramatically reduce the emotive aspect of their people management responsibilities will encourage them to be more proactive. The access to information that allows managers to "treat" employees the way they need to be treated to achieve the greatest contentment, engagement and, therefore, productivity is a win-win for employees, management and the organisation as a whole.

By understanding the strengths and development areas of each of their direct reports, managers and supervisors will be more confident in confronting issues as they arise instead of ignoring them until they severely impact on workplace harmony and productivity.

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