As a whole, flow charting has been around for a very long time. In fact, flow charts have been used for so long that no one individual is specified as the “father of the flow chart”. The reason for this is obvious. A flow chart can be customized to fit any need or purpose.

The typical way to collaborate on a flow chart is to map out the processes on a white board. This is OK, but can be cost and time consuming as you erase and re-draw to fine tune the process flow diagram. The easy way to do this is with using "post it notes".

Using this method, you draw the flowchart shape and write each process step on a “post it note”. Then, stick it on the whiteboard. Now it is much simpler to move process flow steps around as you re-arrange and fine tune the flow chart!

This is not just useful for collaboration. It can also be useful when mapping out a complex process flow chart by yourself. Instead of a whiteboard, just stick the “post it note” on a piece of paper, or your wall.

When you have agreed on your flow chart, you can then put it into a final design.

Please click here for Flow Chart example 1