Structuring your business

You know your business is unique. You know that the way you see your future and your business emanates totally from your vision. There is no other business quite like it. This may be a great thing, or maybe the way the two of you work together, may need some attention.

We, William and Louise, will work directly with you both in structuring your business so that it takes full advantage of an appropriate business model, achieves the best profitability possible and encompasses the talents of the world’s best people – your employees.

Your leadership style, your perspectives, your industry insights – are all reflected in the personality of your business. And if this isn’t working, we will guide you, step by step towards achieving your dream working relationship and resultant exceptional business.

The key areas that we focus upon with you are:

Highlighting ‘big picture’ awareness:  One of the most frequent stumbling blocks to the growth and development of a business is the inability to see what is possible. Burdened and overwhelmed by the minutia of day to day tasks, partners can often be too distracted and occupied to see the way ahead.

We love to guide you through the process of setting forth onto the path of discovering the true big picture that is just right for you, your relationship and your business.

Inspiring Courage: For both you, your relationship and the team with which you work, finding the courage to move beyond the mundane and routinely accepted mode of doing things, can be daunting. But what is thrilling is watching the emergence of the latent courage that has been working alone and unnoticed.

We love to see the sheer joy that emanates from a couple once they have been guided to harness the courage they have to give, and move forward to the next stage in their journey.

Recognising Integrity: Honesty, integrity, dignity and pride in the work, are all factors in a workplace that can and do go unnoticed. These central values can also become under-rated and devalued with time.

We are honoured to be able to work with you in recognising and acknowledging the good and wonderful things that happen in your workplace, and securing them, so that they not only flourish but become the cornerstone to  your success.

Harnessing Passion: No great dream or vision was ever realised without the springboard of passion at its core. Having goals, driving the way forward, being connected and forging the way beyond obstacles – these are all a part of the passion that ensures victory. 

The systems and suggestions we propose have been tried and tested. They do harness passion. They do bring the relationship into closer harmony and they do move the business forward.

Celebrating Resourcefulness: Bringing all of the above qualities together often results in an increased awareness of the possibilities available to a relationship and a business.
Seeing a business and partnership develop as a result of this is a hugely rewarding aspect of our mentorship.

Streamlining Customer Focus: Probably, the one most important thing to the success of any business, is the value of a happy customer. The repeat business, the spontaneous recommendations, the word-of-mouth referrals and the promotion of a good name, are immeasurable in value. 

We find some of our greatest rewards in guiding the way into setting up systems and approaches that will ensure customer satisfaction is always a priority and always a focus of the business and the staff.

Coaching the Coaches: It’s one thing to set up systems, processes, manuals and policies. It’s another thing altogether to know how to use these instruments in your business and around your staff. To be the best coaches, inspirational leaders and team players, requires training and guidance. We pride ourselves in making this possible. We have worked with innumerable couples, helping them discover their inner coach and leader.

Acknowledging Relationship Building: Eradicating the petty bickering, the annoying conflicts and the time-wasting differences of opinion, is a huge relief to many business couples. Getting on with each other, with staff and especially with customers is a breath of fresh air and a huge step towards achieving the dream situation both partners have been craving.

Planning for relationship building and allowing it to happen according to best practice methods and minus conditions and limitations is one of the highlights of what we do. We have guided many a stormy communications system into calmer, more productive waters.

Forging Results: All of the above would be for nought if it weren’t for results. Without results there is no point to being in business at all, or in a relationship. Without the positive benefits that emanate from both the business and the relationship – there is no reason to go on. 

Working with you to produce the best results possible is a thoroughly exciting aspect of our mentoring and guidance. It is extremely rewarding for you too. 

Relishing Humility: Coming to realise the totality of the picture and how it all fits together is essential in accepting the function of the team and the managers. It all works together. No one person or section is totally successful without the input of the rest of the team. Remembering this and acknowledging it puts a completely different slant on how your business operates. It’s a whole new aspect and outlook. 

Seeing the personal, professional, financial and team growth within a business and its leading lights, is just about the best thing there is. Having it as your own is what we would love for you to have too.